Daily Weekly Timer with Voltage Monitor RN-16TM

Daily Weekly Timer with Voltage Monitor RN-16TM

Product Details:

Display Type Digital LED
Model RN-16TM
Application Daily-Weekly timer with Voltage Monitoring

RN-16TM Daily-Weekly Timer combines the following functions:

  • Voltage relay
  • Photo relay
  • Real time relay

And is designed for:

  • Load energizing/de-energizing in accordance with the user-set make/break time
  • De-energizing load in case of inadmissible voltage variations in the mains with subsequent automatic re-energizing after the mains parameters recovery
  • Load energizing/de-energizing in accordance with the user-set illumination intensity levels

The relay provides for the following modes of operation:

  • Weekly timer
  • Voltage relay
  • Photo relay
  • Weekly timer with voltage control
  • Photo relay with voltage control

The LEDs on the relay front panel indicate:

  • Presence of voltage in the mains
  • Load status (ON/OFF)
  • The relay operation mode

The four-digit, seven-segment display depending on the operation mode displays:

  • Current time
  • Actual value of mains voltage
  • Illumination intensity
  • Sequentially: Actual time and mains voltage
  • Sequentially: Illumination intensity and actual mains voltage

The photosensitive diode which monitors the illumination intensity is installed on the device front panel. An external photosensitive diode connection is also possible.

The RN-16TM relay output terminals can immediately switch wattage load of up to 3.5 kW (16A). When it is necessary to switch greater wattage, a magnetic starter should be utilized.

The device menu allows:

  • Selecting the operation mode
  • Choosing and editing the parameters set
  • Clearing current parameter set
  • Viewing the events list
  • Creating an events list
  • Setting the current time
  • Setting the time of load energizing and de-energizing
  • Setting up week day
  • Setting the threshold of the minimum permitted voltage
  • Setting the threshold of the maximum permitted voltage
  • Setting the time of load cutoff tripping based on the upper voltage threshold
  • Setting the time of load cutoff tripping based on the lower voltage threshold
  • Setting the time of load cutoff tripping after the mains parameters recovery
  • Setting the illumination threshold

In case of mains voltage loss, the built-in battery allows storing the set parameters within one month period.

Documentation for this device

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RN-16TM
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage, V


Lowest voltage level sufficient for the RN-16TM operation, V


Highest permissible voltage, V


Tripping voltage thresholds, V:

-     Lower threshold

-     Upper threshold


150 - 210

230 - 320

Adjustment accuracy for the voltage tripping thresholds, V


Illumination level adjustment range, Lx

0 - 175

Voltage measurement accuracy, V (doesn’t exceed)


Voltage hysteresis (returning ratio), V

+ 5

Illumination level hysteresis (returning ratio), %


Adjustable reaction time delay to Max/Min voltage interruptions, sec

0– 9,9

Autoreclosing time delay (the RN-16TM will automatically close the contacts (turn ON the power load) as soon as the tripping parameters return to normal values), sec

0– 9,9

Fixed reaction time to changes in illumination level, sec


Accuracy of the time clocks, seconds per day (not exceed)


Accuracy to adjust schedule time setting, min (not exceed)


Maximal number of events per day,

Include  : - switching ON

- switching OFF

Events per week





Endurance to the voltage absence (retention of settings when supply

voltage is absent, no less than)


1 month

Protection degree: - relay

- terminal



Commutation life for the output contacts:

-- under load 16А, no less than, operations

-- under load 5A, no less than, operations


100 000

1 000 000

Power consumption (under load), VA, not more than


Weight, not more than, kg


Dimensions, mm


Operating temperature, °С

from -10 to +55

Storage temperature, °С

from -20 to +70

Output contacts characteristics (terminals 3-4-4-5):


Max. current

under U~250V A.C.

Max. power when

contacts are closed


switch. power

Max. long-term

safe voltage A.C./D.C.

Max. current

under U=30V D.C.





380/150 V




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