Digital Temperature Controller Dry Transformer Protection TR-100

Digital Temperature Controller Dry Transformer Protection TR-100

Product Details:

Type Digital
Power 24 VDC, 100 to 240 VAC
Temperature Range -40 to +240 deg C
Model Number TR-100
Application Dry Transformer and HV Motor Protection

TR-100 is used to measure and control device temperature via four RTD sensors connected in a two or three-wire circuit, with subsequent indication of the temperature on the display and alarm signaling in case of any parameters being outside the set range.

It can be used to protect:

  • Engines and generators
  • Three phase dry transformers with additional core or ambient temperature control

TR-100 can use any voltage between 24 and 225V AC, regardless of the polarity.

The following thermal sensors can be used by TR-100:

  • PT100 – platinum sensor with nominal resistance of 100 Ohm at 0
  • PT1000 – platinum sensor with nominal resistance of 1000 Ohm at 0
  • KTY83 – silicon sensor with nominal resistance of 1000 Ohm at 25
  • KTY84 – silicon sensor with nominal resistance of 1000 Ohm at 100
  • PTC (1, 3, 6 serial connection), cold resistance of 20-250 Ohm

Temperature Range: -40 to +240 deg C

Display Size: LED 3 x 7 Segment

Controller Type: On/Off Control

Input Sensor: RTD

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TR-100
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India


Supply power, V

24 – 260 AC/DC

Recommended fuse for equipment protection, А


Thermal transducers

PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84, PTC

Connectable transducers, pcs.

1 – 4*

Method of hardwire

2 / 3 wired

Wire length of sensor ( depending on method of hardwire), m:


2 wired up to 5

3 wired up to100

Amount of output relay, pcs.


Date-hold time, years, not less then


Temperature measurement error, °Ð¡

± 3

Temperature measurement range, °Ð¡

from - 40 to +240

Output relay test


Indication test



To order

Time measurement, sec.

£ 2

Degree of protection:                                      - body

                                                                           - terminal block



Climatic execution


Power input (power load), VA, no more than


Weight, kg, no more then


Dimensions, mm

90 Ñ… 139 Ñ… 63

Operation temperature range, °Ð¡

from -40 to +55

Storage temperature, °Ð¡

from -50 to +60

Montage to standard 35mm mounting frame

Free position in space

* note – PTC transducers can be connected as serial connection (1, 3, 6 pc.)


Characteristic of output contacts:

Cos j

Max. Current (U~250Ð’)

Max. Power

Max. Voltage.~

Max. Current (UDC =30Ð’)


10 А

4000 VA

440 Ð’

3 А

Commutation life of the output contacts:

                               - under 10A 250V AC, times, not less than

                               - under 10А 24V DC, times, not less than


10 mil.

10 mil.


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