Interface Controller with input-output EM-486

Interface Controller with input-output EM-486

Product Details:

Network Types RS-485, Ethernet, GSM-GPRS (SIM card)
Model Name/Number EM-486
Attributes RS485 Modbus/ASCI to GSM/Ethernet control; Micro SD, 3 Relay Outputs and 4 Universal Sensor Inputs
Application Remote Monitoring, IOT

Interface controller with built-in I/Os for Remote Operation/Monitoring EM-486 provides access to readings of communicable devices, gauges and sensors from their registers of Modbus connected via RS-485 interface with the help of text SMS messages, automatic data gathering from the selected devices, transmitting the gathered data via GPRS or Ethernet to various SCADA interfaces, automatic transmitting SMS alarms of state of selected devices.

EM-486 has:

  • Flexible options of connection (via wire or wireless communication, automatic method selection of communicating with a server, automatic or manual selection of GSM provider and communication parameters, resetting ofMAC-address and other Ethernet settings);
  • Protection of access (password for setting mode, filter of IP-address for setting or connection to Modbus network, connection only to the selected server with automatic log-in, password for control via SMS);
  • Different modes of data interchange via Modbus network (RTU or ASCII, with checking of parity for even-odds or without checking, wide range of transmitting rate, adjustable delay);
  • Programmable relay outputs for reaction at events and alarms;
  • Programmable inputs for sensors;
  • Power output for sensors;
  • Reserve power supply input;
  • Service functions (saving the collected data to flash memory card including the restoring of transmitting in case of communication break down, data single sourcing on the selected external server, software updating option).
  • EM-486 meets the requirements of IEC 60950-1:2001 Data processing devices.

EM-486 provides control for MODBUS devices in RS-485 network via Ethernet interfaces or GPRS, or via the SMS. The unit also allows to read data from devices by MODBUS or from connected sensors.

The processor supports connection to the accumulating data cloud server via Ethernet network with a help of micro chip of physical interface of Ethernet (or via GPRS with a help of inbuilt GSM-modem, if connection via Ethernet is not available).

In addition, EM-486 can be connected to Ethernet via MODBUS TCP Protocol to exchange data with MODBUS devices, or with the product. The controller receives and processes SMS with a password and command read/write for Modbus devices.

When inserting a memory card the product reads the internal memory for operational logic – program for data collection and tracking of events. The program runs in the background mode.

Product stores in the internal memory the network settings, parameters of inputs and outputs, the logic of action, the collected data log.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EM-486
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Technical specifications of the unit:

Operating supply voltage, VAC


Supply line frequency, Hz

45 – 65

Data Exchange Interface over the Ethernet network

10Base-T / 100Base-T

Supported Ethernet protocols


Data Exchange Interface over wireless network


Supported standards of wireless network


Integrated servers

Modbus TCP, HTTP

Maximum number of connections over the Modbus TCP protocol


Data Exchange Interface over the Modbus network


Supported protocols of Modbus network

Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII

Maximal output voltage of driver RS-485, V


Short circuit output voltage of driver RS-485 (maximal), mA


Resistance of inbuilt terminator, Ohm

70–1 000 Ohm or deactivated

The recommended number of connected devices in Modbus network

- at input voltage of receivers on bus RS-485 not more than 0,125 mA

- at input voltage of receivers on bus RS-485 not more than 1 mA


Not more, 256

Not more, 32

Readiness time at power switching on, sec, not more than


Precision measurements of voltage, mV, not more than


Precision measurements of current, mA, not more than


Precision measurements of temperature, °C, not more than


Rated voltage direct current back supply , V


Voltage supply, at which operability is maintained:
- alternative current, V

  • direct current, V


90 – 265

127 – 375

Back supply voltage at which operability is maintained, V

9 – 16

Power consumption (under pressure), W, not more than


The maximum switched current of output pins, A


Universal inputs


Types of the connected gauges

- gauge with voltage output to 10 V

- gauge with current output to 20 mA

- ‘dry contact’

- NTC temperature gauge

The maximum voltage on the universal input, V


The maximum current through the universal input, mА


The voltage of sensors power output, V


The maximum current of sensors power output, А


Programmable relay outputs with switching contacts, pcs.


Commutation service life of output contacts:

      - electrical service life under load 16 A(cos φ = 1,0), times, not less

      - mechanical service life, times, not less


50 000

10 000 000

Unit purpose

Communication equipment

Nominal operation condition


The protection level


Climatic version


Permissible pollution density


Overvoltage category


Protection class against electrical shock


Rated insulation voltage, V


Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV


Cross section of wires of connection terminals, mm²


Maximal tightening torque of terminals external screws, N*m


Weight, kg, not more than


Overall dimensions, H*B*L, mm

- with installed antenna

- without antenna


157 Ñ… 112 Ñ… 56

157 x 99 x 56

Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting


Operating position


Housing material -  self-extinguishing plastic


* Connections on the Ethernet networks/Internet can take more time.


EM-486 meets the requirements of ІEC 60950-1:2001 Data processing devices. Safety measures. Part 1. General requirements.

Low voltage complaint switchgears. Part 1. General rules (IEC 60947-1:2004, ІDТ).

Electromagnetic compatibility. Equipment is industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency. Characteristics of electromagnetic interference. Limits and methods of measurement (CISPR 11:2004, IDT).

Low-voltage switchgear and control-gear. Part 6-1. Multiple function equipment. Transfer switching equipment (ІEC 60947-6-1:2005, ІDT);

Electromagnetic compatibility. Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of broadcast receivers and associated equipment (EN 55013:1997, ІDT)

Harmful substances in quantities exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations are not available.

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