Single Phase Voltage Monitor Relay RN-119 (118)

Single Phase Voltage Monitor Relay RN-119 (118)

Product Details:

Voltage Type AC
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Number of Poles 2 Pole
Application Single Phase Voltage Monitoring
Current (Amps) 10 - 16
Contact Form SPDT
Type Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Neutral break protection



RN-118/RN-119 is designed to disconnect the household and industrial single-phase load in case of unacceptable voltage fluctuations in the mains, and then automatically turn on after restoration of the mains parameters. In case of load power of up to 2.3 kW (current is up to 10A) for RN-118 or load power of up to 3.6 kW (current is up to 16A) for RN-119, the disconnection is done directly by the device the output contacts of which are included in power supply load outage. In case of higher power, the disconnection is done by the magnetic contactor of the appropriate power, the output contacts of the device are connected to the coil power supply for circuit disconnection (MC is not included in the delivery set).

RN-118/RN-119 detects the maximum and minimum voltage values from the moment the power supply voltage is applied to the device or since the last time the stored values were viewed.

RN-118/RN-119 protects single phase loads from Neutral break condition, when reverse voltage flows through neutral and 415V (linear voltage) apprears instead of 240V (phase voltage).

RN-118/RN-119 indicates the actual value (true RMS) of the input voltage and the state of the output relay contacts.

RN-118/RN-119 has inbuilt ON delay timer programmable from 5 sec to 900 sec.

The device can be operated in four independent modes:

  • Over and Under Voltage Relay;
  • Over Voltage Relay;
  • Under Voltage Relay;
  • ON Delay Relay.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RN-118 and RN-119
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Installation (mounting) of the device

Standard 35 mm DIN-rail

Protection class rating of the front panel


Protection class rating of the terminal block


Electric shock protection class


Climatic design version

NC 3.1

Permissible contamination level


Overvoltage category


Rated voltage of insulation, V


Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV


Conductor cross-section for connecting to terminals, mm²

0.3 – 3.3

Tightening torque of the terminal screws of input contacts, N*m



Basic Technical Specifications



AC single-phase operating supply voltage, V


Mains frequency, Hz

47 – 65

Harmonic composition (unsinusoidality) of supply voltage

EN 50160

Control range for Umin, V

160 – 220

Control range for Umах, V

230 – 290

Control range  for AR (ton), s

5 – 900

Fixed time of Umах response, s


Fixed time of response in case of voltage spike of more than 420 V when pulse duration reaching more than 1.5 ms, max., s



Fixed off-delay due to Umin, s


Fixed time of response when voltage reducing less than 145 V, s


Maximum switched current (with active load) of RN-118, A         


Maximum switched current (with active load) of RN-119, A         


Accuracy of determination of the voltage operation threshold, V

Up to 3

Minimum voltage when maintaining serviceability, V


Maximum switched current with active load, V


Hysteresis of overvoltage release, V

4 – 5

Power consumption (when load is not connected), max., W


Commutation life of output contacts:

  • under load of 16 A, min., time
  • under load of 5 A, min., time

 100 thousand

1 million

Overall dimensions (S-type module) – height * width * length, mm

90 x 65 x 18

Weight, max., kg


The device remains operational capability in any position in space

Housing material - self-extinguishing plastic


Output Contacts Specifications

Operation mode

Max. current at U~250 V, A

Max. switching power, kVA

Max. continuous permissible AC / DC voltage, V

Max. current at

Ucont=30 V, A

cos φ=1

10 (RN-118)

16 (RN-119)

2.3 (RN-118)

3.6 (RN-119)



cos φ=0.4




The device meets the requirements of the following:

  • EN 60947-1, Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear; Part 1; General rules;
  • EN 60947-6-2, Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear; Part 6-2; Multiple function equipment; Control and protective switching devices;
  • EN 55011, Electromagnetic compatibility; Industrial, scientific and medical RF equipment; Electromagnetic interference characteristics; Limits and methods of measurement;
  • IEC 61000-4-2, Electromagnetic compatibility; Part 4-2; Testing and measurement techniques; Electrostatic discharge immunity test.

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