Three Phase Demand Controller Overcurrent-Earth Fault Relay OM-310

Three Phase Demand Controller Overcurrent-Earth Fault Relay OM-310

Product Details:

Type Automatic
Digit Display Size Dual LED display
Model OM-310
Voltage Type AC
Voltage (V) 380 - 415 V
Number of Poles 3 Pole, 4 Pole
Current Range (Amps) 5A - 800A
Application Over Current Protection, Earth Leakage Protection, Power Monitoring and Demand Controlling
Contact Form Potential Free, SPDT, DPDT
Output Type Potential Free

OM-310 Numeric Power Management System is used for:

  • Power Monitoring 
  • Demand Controlling
  • Generator protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Complete load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Partial load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Measurement and indication of three-phase electric circut parameters (active values of phase and line voltages)
  • Positive, negative and zero phase sequence voltages; active phase current values; active, reactive and full power load consumption, power factor
  • Emergency signaling
  • Remote monitoring and load activation/deactivation via the RS-232/RS485 interface or external switch

The device allows working with a load of 2.5 – 30 kW with the use of integrated current transformers, and with a load of up to 450 kW with the use of external current transformers, including in networks with an insulated neutral.

We offers the consumer the following protection types:

  • Low-quality network voltage (unacceptable power surges, phase breaks, phase sequence disruption, phase/line voltage distortion)
  • Current exceeding the maximum allowed value on any of the load phases
  • Ground leakage currents
  • Automated reclosing can be allowed or forbidden for each type of protection
  • Electric equipment is protected by means of controlling the magnetic starter coil (contactor)
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: OM-310
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

General Information:

Purpose of device

Control and distribution equipment.

Assembly (mounting) type

Assembly (mounting) type

Enclosure protection degree


Climate zone version


Pollution degree


Overvoltage category


Wires cross section of adapters on terminals, mm2


Torque of terminal screws, Nm


The maximum diameter of a wire when using internal current transformers, mm



Basic Technical Parameters:

Rated supply voltage: AC Three-phase, V, 50Hz

380 - 415

Mains frequency, Hz


Rated load wattage range (during operation with use of integrated current transformers), kW


Tripping threshold accuracy for wattage, % of rated wattage, at most


Tripping threshold accuracy for current, % of rated current, at most


Tripping threshold accuracy for voltage, V, at most


Phase imbalance detection accuracy for voltage, V, at most


Minimum operational voltage:

-single-phase voltage power supply when one phase and neutral wires are connected, V, not less

- three-phase power supply voltage, V, at most




Analog inputs

- remote switch connection input

- three analog inputs for connecting standard CT with 5A output (of Т-0.66 type or similar)

- input for connecting differential current transformer (zero sequence transformer)


Main outputs

   load relay – two groups of changeover contacts -8A 250V cos φ=1;

  characterizing relay – one group of changeover contacts -16A 250V at cos φ=1 (the relay function is assigned by the user);


Power consumption (under load), VA, at most


Weight, kg, at most


Case dimensions (diagram 1.1) - nine S-type modules

Mounting onto standard 35 mm DIN-rail

Mounting position any                                                 


Output terminals of relays:


Max. current for U~ 250 V

Number of trips


Max switching power,

Max sustained safe AC/DC voltage

Max. current for
U = 30V D.C.

Load relay

Cos j  = 0.4

Cos j  = 1.0


2 А

8 А







440/125 V

1.3 А

Programmable relay

Cos j  = 0.4

Cos j  = 1.0


5 А

16 А








440/125 V


3 А


OM-310 complies with requirements of IEC 60947-1, ІEC 60947-6-2, CISPR 11, IEC 61000-4-2.

No harmful substances in excess of the maximum permissible concentration is available.

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