Three Phase Programmable Voltage Monitor RNPP-302

Three Phase Programmable Voltage Monitor RNPP-302

Product Details:

Voltage Type AC
Voltage (V) 380 - 415 V
Number of Poles 3 Pole, 4 Pole
Application Voltage monitoring and output (contactor) monitoring and protection
Current (Amps) 8A @ 250V AC
Contact Form DPDT
Coil Type Potential Free
Type Undervoltage relay, Overvoltage Relay, Phase Loss, Phase Sequence, Voltage Imbalance, Output Monitoring

RNPP-302 numeric voltage monitoring relay is designed for protection of three phase loads against major type of mains faults, as:

  • RMS voltage reaching beyond admissible thresholds - over and under voltage
  • Phase loss or Single phasing
  • Phase sequence order violation or reverse phase sequence
  • Phase coincidence or shorting of two or more phases
  • Phase Imbalance or asymmetry
  • Contactor output side monitoring - full phase switching, contactor health

The device performs monitoring the main circuit parameters and de-energizes (trips) load when the parameters fall beyond specified boundaries.

The three digit, seven segment LED display on the relay front panel allows to:

  • Continuously indicate the true RMS circuit voltage - phase voltage or line voltage
  • Indicate type of occurring fault
  • View (visualize) settings of modes and programming parameters

The menu allows the user to make the following settings:

  • Mode of voltage indication for each phase
  • Mode of the relay reaction to the digital input for remote de-energizing (tripping)
  • Type of relay - phase voltage or line voltage
  • Method for setting the voltage deviation
  • Turn on/off the phase imbalance monitoring
  • Turn on/off the phase sequence order monitoring
  • Contactor output terminals voltage monitoring
  • Type of measured voltage - 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V selectable
  • The maximum allowable voltage tripping threshold
  • The minimum allowable voltage tripping threshold
  • Allowable phase imbalance threshold - %
  • Automatic reset delay time
  • Min voltage de-energize (tripping) delay time
  • Max voltage de-energize (tripping) delay time
  • Phase imbalance tripping delay time
  • Phase loss tripping delay time
  • Delay time for tripping upon a digital input (external emergency button input)
  • Monitoring of full phase switching of contactor (output side monitoring)

The device is equipped with an additional alarm/annunciation relay with normally open contacts lead out.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RNPP-302
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India


Digital input to turn ON/OFF the RNPP-302 remotely (emergency stop);

Changeover relay output (NO+NC): 8A 250VAC at cos φ=1 for the operation by the magnetic contactor to commutate any desired power load;

Normally Open relay contact: 8A 250V at cos φ=1 for signalization/annunciation;

Measurement accuracy for tripping thresholds: not exceeding 3V;

Rated phase/line voltage: 220/380V, 230/400V or 240/415V selectable;

Rated power consumption:not exceeding 5W;

Protection degree of the enclosure case: IP40;

Protection degree of terminal block: IP20;

Operational temperature range from - 35 to +55°C and exposed to not more than 90% of relative humidity

Weight not more than 0.3 kg

Mounting: fit the standard 35 mm DIN-rail

Mounting position: arbitrary - as per requirement


RNPP-302 complies with requirements:

IEC 60947-1:2004; ІEC 60947-6-2:1992; CISPR 11:2004; IEC 61000-4-2:2001.

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